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Student Assistant Guide: Spring 2023 Updates

Welcome Back Email - Sp 2023

Welcome back everyone!
I hope you all had a good first week of the semester. It has been lovely having you all back. Please read through below for some updates and reminders to get your semester off to a good start.
Welcome Brittany Costa
You may notice a new face at the reference desk this semester. Brittany Costa is the newest librarian on our team. Please say hello when you see her at the desk and make her feel welcome. 
Work Schedule
Work shifts have been posted. Everyone should have access to two google calendars, one with the full student assistant schedule and one with only your own shifts. If you are having trouble accessing either of these calendars, please let Rosie know. Now that add/drop is nearly complete, Rosie has copied the Library Student Assistant schedules through the semester and you can see your full schedule. If you need any changes to your regular schedule, Rosie is your contact person. (
Numbered Seats - 
You may have noticed that each of the Library Student Assistant seats has been labeled with a number (and a Pokemon!) This is to help us communicate, but also to prioritize seating. 
Lower numbered seats should be filled before higher numbered seats, even if it means moving seats during your shift.
Student Assistant Guide & Flipbooks
Updates have been made to the Student Assistant Guide and the flipbooks at the desk. There are now useful links right on the homepage of the Student Assistant Guide, and we continue to make updates. Please also review the content in the flipbooks. Notably, the campus directory and contacts for library staff are listed. We have been getting a lot of phone calls for other campus departments lately, so these directories should come in handy.
The Hold Shelf/ILL/ConnectNY
The Hold Shelf continues to be one of our biggest trouble spots, so a quick reminder of the types of materials that you may find on this shelf and how to handle them. If you have any questions, please ask!
  • Checkouts - all books on the hold shelf (including ILL, ConnectNY, and our own books) need to be checked out when picked up by patrons, Slips should be initialed and placed in the bin near your work area
  • Returns - ILL and CNY books should be placed on the ILL/CNY return shelf without being scanned into Alma
  • Taking them off of the shelf without loaning - ILL and CNY books should be placed on the ILL/CNYreturn shelf without being scanned into Alma.  Cannavino library books need to be scanned in as returned before being reshelved. Slips should be initialed and placed in the bin near your work area.
Reserve Books
Just a reminder that the best way to look up course reserves for a patron is by visiting the Course Reserves page and selecting the student's class. Use the call number from FoxHunt to find the book along the back shelves. 
The course reserves page can be found on the library website under the "Find & Borrow" menu as well as linked on the Student Assistant Guide


New Gates and Book Drop
Finally, we have a brand new security alarm system and a new book drop this semester! We are excited to finally have these upgrades. The sound of the gate is a bit different than the old gate, so please listen for a slightly quieter, higher-pitched sound. You may also be asked to check the book drop. The key is labeled in the keybox.
And of course, if you have any other questions or need refreshers on anything, just ask. We are happy to help.