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Student Assistant Guide: TV/DVD Player instructions


The televisions are hooked up to DVD/VCR Combo Machines, but also have DVD players built in on the right side. There are 2 remotes

  • GREY controls the DVD/VCR Combo Machine.
  • BLACK controls the TV and built in DVD player.  

Always use the BLACK remote to control the volume.

Using the Built In DVD Player

  1. Using the BLACK remote press the TV/DVD button.
  2. When the DVD screen appears, load the DVD with the label facing you.
  3. Use the BLACK remote to navigate the menu.
  4. Control the volume with either the controls BLACK remote or on the side of the monitor.

How to View DVDs in the DVD/VCR Combo Machine

  1. Use the GRAY remote to turn on the Combo Machine.
  2. On the BLACK remote, press the Input Select button.
  3. Use arrows on the BLACK remote to select VIDEO and press ENTER.
  4. Press DVD on Combo Machine and open the tray.
  5. Place the DVD in the tray.
  6. One the menu loads up, use the GRAY remote to select the play option.

To Connect Headphones

On the left side of the TV back, there will be a jack for headphones below all of the other connection ports.