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Student Assistant Guide: Student Employment Work and Payroll Guidelines

Student Employment Work and Payroll Guidelines

This is a link to the student employment web page. Use this as a reference resource for questions regarding payroll periods, required paperwork, and related issues.

Work Logs

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your paycheck is processed on time:

1. Time Sheets/Work Logs are kept in manilla envelopes in drawer to the left of LSA seat 2 at the Circulation Desk; You are responsible for completing this log for every shift you work, as well as getting a supervisor signature on the worklog when arriving and departing from a shift.

2. Student Assistants can work no more than 19 hours per week and  38 hours, per bi-weekly pay period.

3. In order to be paid on time, please submit your web time sheet through the Banner System on MyMarist for supervisor approval no later than 5pm on the day after (Saturday) the pay period ends.