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COM324: Research And Consumer Insight: Consumer Research

Consumer Trends

  • Agree to the terms of service
  • From the top menu, select  Consumers and then lifestyles from the drop down menu.
  • Read trend briefings and the annual trend report
  • Limit briefings to your desired geography


  • Browsing is recommended. See what trends are being discussed.


  1. Under the "Reports" menu, select "Consumer & Brand Reports"
  2. Select Region (optional)
  3. Search for "Chocolate"
  4. Select Consumer Insights Report "Target group: Candy and chocolate lovers in the United States"
  5. Download full report.

SRDS: Ad Rates and Media Stats

For Claritas PRIZM Premier Segment Descriptions and Narratives and for Consumer Segmentation Data: 

  1. Select "Claritas 360" from the top menu
  2. Click "Log in to Claritas 360" (No specific login info is needed, you will be logged in as a Marist user)

MRI Simmons Insights: Consumer Behavioral Data (including media habits)

Please note: Up to 20 people may be logged in at one time. If you receive a message indicating access is blocked due to "max simultaneous users", please wait a while and try logging in again.

For a complete guide, enter the database and click on the "Support" question mark. Download the Insights Essentials User Guide.