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How to Use MRI Simmons Insights: Home

What is MRI Simmons Insights

MRI Simmons Insights is a database containing data about consumer behavior, media consumption, and attitudes. 

Data in MRI Simmons Insights comes from a national consumer study, including data from a survey of adults across the United States.

Accessing MRI Simmons Insights

MRI Simmons Insights can be found on the A-Z list of databases as well as on subject guides and course guides.

To access MRI Simmons Insights through Marist College, you must use a link from the library website to be sent through the Marist authentication system.

Once you follow the link to MRI Simmons insights, be sure to click the "Proceed" button. From there you have access to view Quick Reports or create your own Crosstabs. Both are available under the "Essentials" menu.

Maximum Simultaneous Users

Marist provides access to MRI Simmons Insights for a maximum of 20 simultaneous users, so please sign out when you are not using the database, and if you are unable to gain access, please try again in a bit.

Getting Help

Help guides are available on the database "Support" page, accessed by clicking on the question mark in the menu bar.

Introducing Simmons Insights (5 min)

A 5 minute introduction to Simmons Insights.

Welcome to Simmons Insights (28 min. webinar recording)

Introduces Simmons insights, including constructing crosstabs and Quick Reports.

Quick Reports begin at 19 minutes.

Introducing Brand Catalyst (11 min)

An introduction to Brand Catalyst

Get Help

Get Help

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