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2023-2024 Common Read - Braiding Sweetgrass: Home

How to Use this Guide

This guide provides you with resources to supplement the book as well as offer some assistance in reading the text including important vocabulary, illustrations to supplement the book's explanations, and more.

offers encyclopedias that provide important definitions, context, and more that will help gain a larger understanding of the scientific concepts in the book as well as explore the larger indigenous history and traditions.

The next pages of the guide correspond to the 5 required chapters of the book and provide supplemental content that will help you better understand that chapter.  They will also give you resources to explore these topics in more depth.

This guide will be updated throughout the summer to cover all of the chapters of the book and not just the 5 required ones. 

Check out the sections below to access resources for the additional chapters or scroll over the tabs at the top to select a specific chapter in the dropdown menu:

If you have questions or need assistance, please use

to contact a librarian for assistance with accessing items.


To Access the eBook Click on the Book Cover or Title Below

You will be asked to login with your Marist username and password when you click on the book, this is the same as for MyMarist and MaristMail. 

See the directions below the book cover for more guidance on using the eBook.

Once the book opens, there are two options for accessing the book,

Reading it online

Scroll down until you can see the "Table of Contents" section of the page.

Click on the link that says "Show Subsections" and a list of chapters within that section will open.

Click on the chapter title you wish to read.


Downloading the book (if this option is grayed out or you can't click on it, this means someone else has the book downloaded currently)

A pop-up will appear that will say you need to go to your Marist Login page, click the continue button.

In the next screen, select "I'm using my own computer" (do not download this on a public computer at a library or something similar)

Download Adobe Digital Editions when prompted (this is free)

You can then select either ePub or PDF, your choice.  You will also need to set your loan length, it should not be more than 14 days.

If you need help with this or have questions, contact the library via Ask-A-Librarian


If you prefer an audiobook, we recommend visiting your local public library to see if they can offer it as an eAudiobook or as a physical audiobook.  

You can also access the eAudiobook for free with an Audible account.


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