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Digital Resources for Online Teaching: Home

Resources for finding primary and secondary resources for including in your online classroom.

Open Access

About Open Access Resources

On top of the many library databases available to Marist College students, faculty, there are various open access databases that can be used to find content to incorporate into your online classrooms, particularly for primary resources. Current Marist-affiliated researchers should take full advantage of the our licensed subscription-based databases and journals to find more secondary sources.

Finding Open Access Resources

  • Open Access Button:  Browser extension searches for OA versions of paywalled content. Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPad, and Internet Explorer. If you can't find OA version of an article, this service can also help reach out to authors to request the article.
  • Unpaywall:  Browser extension searches for OA versions of paywalled content. Works with Chrome and Firefox.

List of Open Access Resources


This resource borrows heavilly from the Open Access web page and NC State Libraries, They are to be thanked for the hard work and excellent resources collected here.