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Each year, Americans observe Native American Month in November, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of Native Americans.


This box contains some of the library's resources on this topic.

How to Use This Guide

This guide is intended to help you research events, issues, and more from a multicultural perspective.  The resources showcased here will help you get started but also provide resources to delve more deeply into issues particularly those faced by different groups.

Start with

These encyclopedias will help you look at things from different perspectives to get the general overview of a topic and how different groups see it.

For cultural competence, diversity knowledge, and more check out

To find more specific sources, use 

to access articles, research studies, and more.

If you prefer to listen or watch, TED Talks, documentaries and more can be found on

To research from a particular community's perspective check out their pages with links to more in-depth research resources:

To get an international perspective on issues, diversity, news, and more, visit 

Check out some pages on Diversity in education

Check out some special guides that address topics that impact all cultures

Check out this year's 

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