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How to Use Claritas 360: How to Read a Report

Basic Definitions


The population of individuals who fit into that category.

Base % Comp-

The percentage of individuals who fit into that category out of the total population.

Base %= Base Count/ Total

% Composition-

Measure indicating the percentage of a total that belongs to a subset of that total. Calculated by dividing the value for the subset (i.e., geounit or segment) by the value for the total (i.e., total analysis area or profile) and multiplying by 100. Also known as % Down.

% Share-

A measure that indicates the percentage of total demand that a particular segment or geography holds as a percent of total demand for all segments or geographies.


Count retrieved from the database for a record, or a summary count calculated for a group of records.


Indicator of the extent to which a lifestyle, demographic characteristic, or propensity to use or buy a product is concentrated in a given analysis area or segment, compared to an average of 100. An index near 100 indicates an analysis area or segment that is no more or less likely to use your product than the United States average, while a high index indicates a high likelihood to use. In general, the higher the index is above 100, the better the analysis aera or segment is for your product. Also known as Index of Concentration.

Index is one of the main results figures in Segmentation Reports.  ​

It signifies the likelihood of occurrence for a certain event or characteristic. ​

The base number for Index is 100.  Any value above a 100 means the probability is higher, a number less than 100, shows that the probability is lower.​

Index = % Composition of Selected Analysis Area/ % Composition of Base Market

Users per 100 households or Users/100 HHs-

A measure that indicates the percentage of adult/household behavior frequency that belongs to a subset of household base frequency. This is calculated by dividing the segment or analysis area count for the behavior by the segment or analysis area count for the base and multiplying by 100.

Only the most common sections in Claritas 360 are defined above. Some of the reports will have more specific or different sections represented, these can be found in the Claritas 360 Calculations Guide in the Glossary of Terms.

Claritas 360 Calculations Guide