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MPA699: Capstone Public Administration: Book Chapter Citation

Book Chapter or Chapter in Anthology

Book chapters are often cited individually in bibliographies and databases.  

Recognizing a chapter citation is important because:

  • Chapter citations resemble Journal Article Citations
  • The steps to locate a book chapter are different.

Book Chapter Citation Parts

Book chapter diagram

This is NOT an example of a bibliography citation. For citation guidelines see the Citation Help Guide.

Meaning of Citation Parts

Chapter Title--Not a book title, chapter within a book.  

Chapter Author--Individual or individuals who wrote the chapter.

Book Title--Books composed of chapters written by other writers are known as anthologies.  They have editors rather than authors.  Search using the BOOK TITLE.

Book Editors (Ed.)--Editors often write the introduction, some chapters and edit the book.  They are abbreviated as Ed or ed in citations.

Chapter Page Numbers--Refers to the chapter pages within a book.

Book Publication Place, Book Publisher, and Book Publication Date--Publication information for the book and therefore for the chapter.