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MPA699: Capstone Public Administration: Journal Citation


Citation Diagram

journal record from a database with parts identified starting with article title and followed by author, journal title, volume and issue numbers, date, and page numbers

This is NOT an example of a bibliography citation. For citation guidelines see the Citation Help Guide.

Citation Parts

Journal Title--Search this in the Full Text Journals Search.

Date--May be formatted as 4/1/1998, Spring 2000, September 2009 or 2009.

Article Title--Once within the database, look for the article title in the articles list.

Author--An article with several authors will appear as Smith, Joe et al.

Volume Number--Assigned to all issues published that year. 

Issue Number--Does not always appear in a citation, use the article date or page numbers to find the correct issue.

Page Numbers--If only one number appears, it is the article's first page.