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International Students Information Guide: Transportation

Places within Walking Distance from Campus

Plaza Across from Marist's North End Gate
Home Depot - (845) 485-0420
Ocean State Job Lot - (845) 485-3125
McDonalds - (845) 473-4618
Applebee's Restaurant - (845) 486-0052
Rhinebeck Savings Bank - (845) 471-4467
Giacomo's Pizza - (845) 452-5550
SoBol - (845) 764-9080
Salsa Fresca Mexican Grill - (845) 337-4646

Jersey Mike's Subs - (845) 271-5350
Starbucks- (845) 575-6736
ShopRite (Grocery Store) - (845) 318-6086
Chipotle Mexican Grill - (845) 224-3468
'Cue and Brew Barbeque - (845) 201-5206
Burger King - (845) 765-7270
CVS Pharmacy - (845) 224-0495

Plaza Across from Marist's South End Gate
Campus Deli & Gas Station - (845) 486-4504
TEG Credit Union - (845) 452-7323
North Road Auto Service - (845) 471-8255
Rite Aid Pharmacy - (845) 452-6153
Red Fox Eatery - (845) 473-3369
Palace Diner - (845) 473-1576

Rear of South End Gate Plaza
K&D Deli - (845) 471-1607
2nd Level Barbershop - (845) 337-3371
Mole Mole - (845) 471-4255
Yeung Ho II Chinese Food - (845) 473-2336
Gia’s Pizzeria - (845) 483-1400

Getting a Driver's Licence

Auto Repairs

North Road Auto Service 
17 Marist Drive Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Campus Map

campus map

1. Byrne House
Campus Ministry

2. Cannavino Library
(James A. Cannavino Library)
Center for Career Services
Center for Multicultural Affairs/HEOP
Digital Education
Weiss Language Center

3. Champagnat Hall
Freshman Residence

4. Chapel
(Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel)
Interfaith Prayer Room

5. Cornell Boathouse

6. Donnelly Hall
Advising and Academic Services
Business and Financial Affairs
Computer Center/Information Technology
Donnelly Coffee Shop
Fashion Program
Help Desk
Safety and Security
Accommodations and Accessibility
Student Financial Services

7. Dyson Center
(Margaret M. and Charles H. Dyson Center)
Dyson Coffee Shop
School of Management
School of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Teacher Education Program

8. Fern Tor
Arboretum and Nature Trails

9. Fontaine  Hall
Alumni Relations 
Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership
Hudson River Valley Institute
Office of College Advancement
School of Liberal Arts

10. Foy Townhouses
Upperclass Residence

11. Fulton Street Townhouses(Lower)Upperclass Residence

12. Fulton Street Townhouses(Upper)Upperclass Residence

13. Greystone Hall
Office of the President
Office of the Executive Vice-President

14.Hancock Center
Center for Teaching Excellence
Investment Center and Trading Room
Marist Institute for Public Opinion (MIPO)
School of Computer Science
  and Mathematics
Study Abroad/Marist-Italy Offices

15. Kieran Gatehouse

16. Kirk House
College Chaplain

17.Leo Hall
Freshman Residence

18. Longview Park
Riverfront Recreational Area

19. Lowell Thomas
Communications Center

School of Communication
 and the Arts
School of Profesional Programs 
Media Center
Center for Sports Communication

20. Lower Townhouses 
Upperclass Residence

21. Marian Hall
Freshman Residence

22. Marist Boathouse

23. McCann Center
(James J. McCann Recreational Centrer)
Athletic Department
Aerobic Center
Center for Sports Medicine

McCann Arena
Fitness Center
Hall of Fame Multimedia Room
Varsity Coaches Center

24. Mid-Rise Hall
Sophomore Residence

25. North Campus Housing Complex
Single occupancy housing facility will include a fitness center, dining facility, courtyards, gardens and river views. Anticipated completion in 2017.

26. St. Ann's Hermitage

27. St.Peter's
Upward Bound

28. Science and Allied Health Building
Cognitive Computing Lab
Doctorate of Physical Therapy space
Gross Anatomy Lab
Physician Assistant Program
School of Science

29.Sheahan Hall
Freshman Residence

30.Steel Plant Studios and Gallery
Àrt Gallery
Digital Media
Fine Arts Program

31. Student Center/Music Building
Admission Visitor Center
Campus Bookstore
Computer Store
Dining Services/Cabaret
Health and Wellness Center
Music Department
Nelly Goletti Theatre
Post Office
Student Activites
Student Affairs
Student Government Association
Housing and Residential Life

32.West Cedar Townhouses(Lower)
Upperclass Residence

33. West Cedar Townhouses(Upper)
Upperclass Residence