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LGBTQIAP+ Resources: Background Information

Gender Identity Terms Through The Years

Researching sexual and gender identity is not only challenging when it comes to brainstorming terms for current articles.

Historically, these identity terms have changed throughout the years, which is something to consider when researching different time periods, cultures, and countries. 

The diagram below gives a small snap shot in the evolution of terminology. Make sure to take to factor this aspect into your research.

Online Library Reference Resources

LGBTQIA+ Reference Guides and Terminology

Organizations have issues guidelines for language when discussing Sexual Orientation in published writing. While language is always evolving, it is generally agreed that it is important to respect people’s desired self-identifications. One should never assume another person’s identity based on that person’s appearance. It is always best to ask people how they identify, including what pronouns they prefer, and to respect their wishes.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Reference Resources