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Physical Therapy Subject Guide: Zotero Citation Management


Zotero Logo

Zotero, pronounced "zoh-TAIR-oh," is a free citation management tool designed to be used on your personal computer.

Zotero helps you save sources and organize bibliographic references for books, articles, web pages, and other sources.  When you write a paper based on the references you collected, Zotero generates citations and bibliographies for you to insert into your document as you write the paper.  It also has a plug-in for most word processors, which is automatically integrated in so you can insert references you have collected as you write.

To Get Zotero:

Zotero can now be used in all browsers, not just Mozilla Firefox.  Open the browser of your choice and go to

Go to the Zotero Download page to begin.

You must download both Zotero 5.0 for your operating system and the Zotero Connector.

If you would like to access Zotero from multiple computers, including those available in the James A. Cannavino Library, register for a account and sync your data to Zotero's servers.

Guides and Help

Remember when working with Zotero on a library computer, always restart when you are finished!

Use Zotero in the James A. Cannavino Library

IMPORTANT: Restart after using Zotero on a public library computer. Protect your data and privacy!

Zotero is available on all Library computers in the Firefox web browser, but it can be downloaded to other browsers too.

First, register for an online account. By creating an account, you can sync and save your bibliographic references to Zotero's servers and access your data from any computer with the Zotero for Firefox plug-in.

When you want to use Zotero on a library computer:

  • Then click on the Zotero Icon in Web Browser.  A dark grey Z on a pale gray background image in the top right of the toolbar of the Firefox browser.
  • When Zotero opens, choose the Preferences button in Zotero. A gear with an arrow for a dropdown on the right "Actions" button.  Select "Preferences" and then "Sync."
  • Input your Zotero account username and password under "Zotero Sync Server" and select "Okay."
  • Next, choose the green "Sync with Zotero" arrow found on the right upperhand side.

        Your information will upload to the Zotero plug-in.


When you finish working with Zotero, sync your data to and restart the computer.