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Philosophy Subject Guide: Books & Encyclopedias

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Cambridge Companion Collection

Cambridge Collection (Explanation)

Above are the libraries collection of Philosophy Cambridge Companions. They are a fantastic way to get an in-depth background on a variety of topics. 

You can also find a selection of Cambridge companions specific to certain philosophers in the philosophers tab.


General Encyclopedias

Online Subject Specific Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Encyclopedias in our collection


What is a handbook?

Books that tend to summarize a specific topic. They may contain introductions or summaries to let you quickly understand the basics about a topic and include important and sometimes the most recent academic work on a topic. Examples of handbooks that can only be found in the library are below. Handbooks are also searchable via both FoxHunt and the database above.

Book Databases

Free Book Databases

Library of Congress Classification Numbers

Library of Congress Classification Numbers



LOC Area
Philosophy (General) B1-5802
General Works


Ancient Philosophy B108-708
Medieval Philosophy B720-765
Renaissance Philosophy B770-785
Modern  B790-5802
Special Topics/ Schools of Philosophy B808-849
Philosophy by Region or Country B850-5739
Philosophy by Religion B5800-5802
Logic BC1-199
Speculative Philosophy BD10-701