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Israel and Gaza: Providing Context: Home


Lectures and Events

  • Friday 11/17, 11-12:30: Mindful Responses to Crisis and High Conflict, Brian Loh. This session will help us explore the power of being thoughtful and mindful in the midst of turmoil. SC3102&3103
  • Friday 12/1, 11-12:30: Navigating Difficult Dialogues, Edward Antonio. This is a skills-building session where you will learn effective communication strategies in contentious settings. SC 3101
  • Wednesday 12/6 2:30-4: Navigating the Media: Israel and Gaza, Kevin Lerner. In this session, you will gain insight into the media's role and influence in shaping perceptions and narratives in the current conflict. The Cabaret
  • Vigil, Wednesday 12/6, 4:30-5:30: The vigil will be a time of prayer, reflection and remembering. The Cabaret

Agreements, Accords and Treaties Throughout the Years

Sykes Picot Agreement Map signed 8 May 1916

Sykes Picot Agreement Map signed 8 May 1916, from Wikimedia Commons


International Law and Human Rights