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How to Use MRI Simmons Catalyst: Create a Crosstab in Catalyst

Creating a Crosstab - Step by Step

Step 1: Select a study. 

In the Composer view, click on the box at the top of the page displaying the selected study. You can also edit your selections at any time by selecting "Composer".    

Click on the arrow to display the list of available studies. 

Select a study. You will generally want to select the most recent study containing relevant data. You may need to try more than one study.

Step 2: Enter Search Terms

Use the "Smart Search" box to search for a product, brand, or consumer behavior.

Select from the generated list of survey responses. Look carefully to make sure that your selection meets your needs.
The search box is very particular, and wants to find exact matches. So if typing a search term doesn't seem to be working, try using "Dictionary" and "Definitions" drop downs.

For example, notice that in this search we are searching “Lipstick” and have used drop downs to get to different Brands of Lipstick & Lip Gloss. Then selected a few different Brands we would like to know more about. We could also search by Category, Type, or Kind of Lipstick & Lip Gloss. 

Once you have selected the options you would like, Click “ADD” to move your selections to the Center Selection Box.   


Once you have selected the options you would like,
Click “ADD” to move your selections to the Center Selection Box. 


Step 3: Set your columns

Set your product or brand as a column by selecting “Add to Columns” at the bottom of the Center Selection Box. 

If you would like, you can search for additional products or brands and set them as additional columns for comparison.


 Step 4: Set your rows

Rows will be used for selecting demographic descriptions and other segmentations of the consumers matching your column criteria. 

Use the smart search or (recommended) use the dictionary and definitions dropdowns to identify desirable rows.

To select options you would like to use, simply click on each option. 

If you would like to select all possible responses, hold down the shift key while selecting the first option, then scroll down to the last option and hold shift while selecting the last. This should select all responses. 

Once they are selected, select the "add" icon at the bottom of the search box to move your selections to the Center Selection Box.
Set your product or brand as a row by selecting “Add to Rows” at the bottom of the Center Selection Box.


For this example, we are interested in the ages of our consumers.


Step 5 : Run your Crosstab

Click on the “Run Report” button to run your crosstab.


For this example we want to know the age demographics of users of 3 different lipstick/lip gloss brands, Avon, Bobbi Brown, and Burt’s Bees. 

You may find that you will need to Zoom Out your screen to view all of your selections. The first Data Set that appears is the "Study Universe", then you will see your selections to the right. 


For guidance on interpreting data, see the MRI Simmons support document below:

Adjust Your Crosstab



Further Options

Crosstabs allow for great flexibility and the possibility of extremely complex and customized reports.


You can use the "and", "or" and "not" operators to combine qualities into a single row or otherwise modify a row or column.

Using these tools would allow you to create categories such as "women who own Samsung smartphones”