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How to Use MRI Simmons Catalyst: Create a Crosstab in Simmons Insights

Creating a Crosstab: Step by Step

Step 1: From the "Essentials" menu, select "Crosstab".

essentials menu- crosstab


Step 2: Select a study. 
Click on the box at the top of the page displaying the selected study. 

Click on the arrow to display the list of available studies. 

Select a study. You will generally want to select the most recent study containing relevant data. You may need to try more than one study.

Simmons Insights study menu


Step 3: Enter Search Terms

Use the "Smart Search" box to search for a product, brand, or consumer behavior.

Select from the generated list of survey responses. Look carefully to make sure that your selection meets your needs. For example, notice that Revlon makeup is divided into specific product categories.

  • "BRANDS USE MO" means that consumers indicated that this is the brand that they used most often.
  • "BRANDS USE ALSO" means that while consumers used this brand, it was not their most used brand
  • "BRANDS USE" simply means that the brand was used within the timeframe of the survey.


Step 4: Set your columns

Set your product or brand as a column.

If you would like, you can search for additional products or brands and set them as additional columns for comparison.

insights columns


Step 5: Set your rows

Rows will be used for selecting demographic descriptions and other segmentations of the consumers matching your column criteria. 

Use the smart search or (recommended) use the dictionary and definitions dropdowns to identify desirable rows.

searching for rows



Selecting a question will cause all of the potential answers to that question to appear as results in the smart search box.
selecting a question


To select multiple, or all possible responses, hold down the shift key while selecting the first option, then scroll down to the last option and hold shift while selecting the last. This should select all responses. Once they are selected, select the "move to rows" icon at the end of the search box.

move to rows



Step 6 : Run your Crosstab

Click on the arrow button to run your crosstab.

Run Crosstab

Adjusting your Crosstab

You can see all of your selections for your crosstab on the left of the screen.

crosstab adjustments


Click on the ellipsis to either clear a section or turn on the display of full names.


By default, charts are displayed in "Private Eye View". Go to the "Chart Type" menu on the left to see the data displayed in crosstab, quad chart, or trend views.


Use the menu on the left to Save, Share, or export your report to a spreadsheet.

Further options

Crosstabs allow for great flexibility and the possibility of extremely complex and customized reports.

You can use the "and", "or" and "not" operators to combine qualities into a single row, creating categories such as "women who own Samsung smartphones:


You can also use filters to limit your view to particular ranges within columns.

For more help and to take your use of crosstabs to a more advanced level, use the supplied support documents.