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How to Use MRI Simmons Catalyst: Quick Reports

Step by Step:

Step 1: From the "Profile" menu, select "Quick Reports".

Step 2: Select a study. 
Click on the Study at the top left of the page displaying the selected study, under where it says Quick Reports.

Click on the arrow to display the list of available studies. 

Select a study. You will generally want to select the most recent study containing relevant data. You may need to try more than one study.

Step 3: Select your quick report type.

The James A. Cannavino Library provides access to three quick reports:

1.Demographic Profiles: Breaks down the demographics of consumers who fit the target

2. Segmentation: The percentage of the target that fits into various lifestyle segments. Use the drop down to see statements in different categories.

3. Maps: Geographic breakdown of consumers who fit the target by Census region, Nielson region, or state (change under "view").select a report screen


Step 4: Set your Target

Use the "Smart Search" box to search for your target. This will be a product, brand, or consumer behavior.

Select from the generated list of survey responses. Look carefully to make sure that your selection meets your needs. For example, notice that Revlon makeup is divided into specific product categories.

  • "BRANDS USE MO" means that consumers indicated that this is the brand that they used most often.
  • "BRANDS USE ALSO" means that while consumers used this brand, it was not their most used brand
  • "BRANDS USE" simply means that the brand was used within the timeframe of the survey.

Selecting a target using the smartsearch box


Step 5: Set your target.

Once you have selected your target, click on the target icon (1) to the right of the search box. Then click on the arrow (2) to run your quick report.

Setting a target


Step 6: Read , export and interpret the report.

Additional data can be found by hovering over the charts within the reports, or by exporting the reports (see image). 


simmons export


For guidance on interpreting data, see the MRI Simmons support documents below: