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Welcome to the James A. Cannavino Library Student Assistant training guide.

This guide contains all of the modules necessary for Student Assistant training. Use the link below to access the Student Training Progress sheet.

Modules are to be followed in sequence, although exceptions may be made due to constraints of time and availability. Each Module contains multiple Training Goals. As training goals are completed, a staff member should initial and date the form in the appropriate cell. The Notes Column is available if any follow up is required or for any other reason. The name of the student assistant providing peer training should be included in the "notes" column.

Completion: The final row should be dated and initialed by Nancy Calabrese when a student's training is complete.


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Nancy Calabrese
Office phone: 845-575-3000 ext. 2523.

For immediate assistance contact Reference Desk at 845-575-3292 or email “”.

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