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What is a Trade/Professional Journal?

Business Suit ClipartA trade or professional journal is produced for those working in a particular industry or profession.  It documents current trends, news, and developments in technology.  It may also including information on government regulations that will affect and industry.  It may also contain information about job and education opportunities.

Articles are typically shorter, only a few pages, and written by industry specialists or journalists.

How to Use Trade/Professional Journals for Research

Trade or Professional Journals

  • provide insight into an industry, which can be helpful when considering a career in that field.
  • help research a particular industry to learn more about current trends and the inner workings of that industry.
  • allow professionals to communicate with one another about their work on a day to day basis as well as the practical aspects of their profession, which may be helpful when considering it as a career or in understanding what function they serve within the industry.
  • provide insight into how certain professions view an issue that is related or unrelated to a profession.
    • Examples:
      • health insurance companies' thoughts on universal healthcare
      • teachers' thoughts about smartphones

How to Find Trade/Professional Journals

In Fox Hunt

  • Type in your search terms and click search
  • Limit to "Trade Publication Article" in left hand menu under content type

In ProQuest Databases

  • Before you search: click More above search bar, select "Trade Journals" in the drop down
  • Type in your search terms and click search
  • After you search: under source type click on "Trade Journals" (you may need to click on "More" to find this limit)

In EbscoHost Databases

  • Before you search: scroll down below search bar and limit to "Trade Publications" under Publication Type
  • Type in your search terms and click search
  • After you search, click on "Trade Publications" in left hand menu under Source Type

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Get Help

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