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How to Search Using FoxHunt: Home

What is FoxHunt?

FoxHunt 2.0 is a unified search tool which can be used to search through many of the library’s resources all in one search box. You can think of it like our library’s google, searching through databases of books, ebooks, newspaper articles, scholarly research articles, reference materials, videos, images and more all in one search.

Fox Hunt 2.0

Fox Hunt LogoFox Hunt

FoxHunt Searching: Starting Your Search

FoxHunt Searching: Using the Results Page

FoxHunt Key Points

  • Search the Library collections and databases all at once in Fox Hunt 2.0  to make your research easier and more efficient.

  • Find books, newspapers, scholarly journal articles and more from one central search.

  • Refine your results using the left-hand column of the search results page.

Save Search Results to a Temporary Personal Folder

Save search results to your temporary personal folder in Fox Hunt 2.0.

  • Organize and save your chosen results by adding them to your folder.
  • Email yourself the contents of your folder with full text links.
  • Be careful as the folder will be deleted when you leave your web browser.

Diagram of how to save to a fox hunt folder