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CHEM112/116: General Chemistry II Lecture & Lab: Start Here

Search Advice

Finding Search Terms/Keywords

Examine the lab brief.  This is a great place to get search terms.

  • What were you attempting to prove or demonstrate?  What was the reaction of one variable to another?
    • The main purpose of the lab is what you are trying to find articles on
  • Identify the variables.  
    • You want information on how these substances behave under different conditions so even basic information about them will help.

Selecting articles

  1. Start with the journals on the list. These are good journals to start your chemistry research.  You won't need the more specialized titles.
  2. It is unlikely there will be an article that replicates the lab experiment.  Be open minded and realize that several articles may be necessary to cover what you did in lab.
  3. Don't search for all of the substances and the reaction together.  Do one substance at a time with the reaction name.
  4. Search just the reaction name, see what substances they use, how is their reaction similar or different?  Differences are just as useful as similarities.
  5. Don't turn away basic information on a substance, even if it doesn't get used, it is helpful in understanding the big picture.

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