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Marist Students Abroad: Search Using FoxHunt

What is FoxHunt?

FoxHunt is a unified search tool which can be used to search through many of the library’s resources all in one search box. You can think of it like our library’s google, searching through databases of books, ebooks, newspaper articles, scholarly research articles, reference materials, videos, images and more all in one search.

FoxHunt Key Points

  • Search the Library collections and databases all at once in Fox Hunt to make your research easier and more efficient.
  • Find books, newspapers, scholarly journal articles and more from one central search.
  • Refine your results using the left-hand column of the search results page.


Search Tips

Search results contain all words entered into the search box without regard for their order. These may match words in a title, author names, subjects, abstract, or other descriptions. This can be changed by using the drop-down menus below the search box (see below). 

If your search returns a very large number of results: 

  • Try limiting your search using the limiters on the results page to limit your results to specific date ranges, content types and more. 

  • Try adding additional and more specific search terms using the search techniques below. 

If your search does not return enough results or results relevant to your research: 

  • Try changing your search terms. Try to use language and terminology that will match the type of content that you are trying to find. 

  • Try removing some limiters if you have applied them. 

Sign In To FoxHunt

Sign in to FoxHunt using sign in prompts at the top right of the searchresults page.

Sign into FoxHunt to: 

  • Request materials to borrow 

  • Renew library materials 

  • Access full text of online items 

  • See your loans and due dates  

  • Save favorites and searches and email favorite lists 

What am I searching?

What am I Searching?  

Use the drop down on the right side of the search box to search “All” content, specific material types (print books, streaming videos, etc.) or the James A. Cannavino Library Catalog. 

All: Search all content available in FoxHunt, including physical and online collections. 

James A. Cannavino Library Catalog:  Searching the Library Catalog will focus your search primarily on content owned by the library (physical books and media, perpetual access eBooks and streaming videos). The search also includes some subscription online content (eBooks and some streaming videos), but no articles or open access eBooks.  Journal content will be included at the journal title level rather than the article level. When in doubt, use the "All" search instead.  

What's not included in FoxHunt?

What’s Not Included in FoxHunt? 

Not all content available through the library can be found in FoxHunt, such as specialized reports from business and marketing databases. FoxHunt focuses on providing full text access to sources. To find additional sources about a topic, we recommend searching in subject databases through the James A. Cannavino Library’s Subject Guides. Some sources may need to be requested from another library through Interlibrary Loan

Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt LogoFox Hunt


Search the Library databases and the catalog

FoxHunt Searching: Starting Your Search

FoxHunt: Using Your Results

FoxHunt: Additional Features

Advanced Searches

Advanced Searches: 

Advanced Search: Search specific fields (titles, authors, etc.), material types, and publication dates – including the option to limit dates more precisely than in the results page limiter. 

Local Collections: A group of items, such as books, rare books, or documents, grouped by a specific subject matter or donated to the library by a person or organization. These collections are physically available in the James A. Cannavino Library and Special Collections and are available to all interested researchers. To search for local collections in advanced searches, click on “Any field” under “Search filters” and select “Local Collection.” To search for local collections in regular searches, click on the “Anywhere in the Record” drop down under the search bar and select “in local collections.” 

Get Help

Get Help

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