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Medical Technology Subject Guide: CSE Citation

CSE Style

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CSE offers several ways to cite in-text that changes the format of your reference list.  The majority of Marist classes use the name-year style of CSE so make sure to use examples of name-year when citing sources.  If you're uncertain if you are using name-year, confirm with your professor about which format to use.

CSE Style Frequently Asked Questions

Formatting & Writing Papers in CSE

CSE Style Cheatsheets by the Marist Library

Locating Journal Title Abbreviations

In CSE style, journal titles are abbreviated and the National Library of Medicine and other organizations have set up rules for abbreviation and official abbreviations for the majority of scientific journals.  If your article's journal title is not abbreviated in the database or on the article, you will need to look up the official abbreviation.  You can use the resources below to find the official abbreviation for a journal.