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Historical African American Newspapers Available Online: Home

A guide to African American Newspapers


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This guide provides a list of historical African American Newspapers available online as part of digitization projects at libraries and historical societies as well as digitization projects done by Google.  The content is available for free, though it is at the discretion of the institution providing the content. The newspapers contained within guide are those that have ceased to operate or are currently running papers with archives available.  It does not include papers that are currently running and only offer access to the most recent articles.

Availability of Newspapers

Many of these newspaper links do not contain the full print run of the paper, but what the digitizing institution has as part of their collection or what has been completed so far.  There may be more content to follow or there may not, but this guide will be updated with additional newspapers, issues, and dates as they become available.  Each newspaper's webpage provides specific information about what content they have available online, though every effort has been made in this guide to make clear what is available online.  There are a number of newspapers marked with MARIST USERS ONLY.  These are papers ONLY available to Marist students, staff and faculty through our subscriptions to databases and we cannot open it up to the public.


These newspapers provide an interesting view of history and aid in research in the field of African American history.  They are a valuable resource that can be found in different institutions throughout the United States and this guide brings them all together in one place to aid students and teachers of history.


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