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COM329:Creative Problem Solving: Media

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Online media planning resources, such as ad rates, media statistics, online trade publications and links to newsfeeds.

Other Ad Rates and Media Stats

Insider Intelligence

Use Insider Intelligence (formerly eMarketer) to access original reports and analysis, market data, and statistics on the Internet, e-commerce, online marketing, social media, and emerging digital technologies around the world.


Most media news sites feature rss and now twitter feeds that send slices of their content to any device or newsreader.  The links below take you to the feed for some major sites.

SRDS: Ad Rates and Media Stats

For Claritas PRIZM Premier Segment Descriptions and Narratives and for Consumer Segmentation Data: 

  1. Select "Claritas 360" from the top menu
  2. Click "Log in to Claritas 360" (No specific login info is needed, you will be logged in as a Marist user)

Information Websites