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BUS364: Entreprenuership- Recher: MLA

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How to Cite an eBook and eBook chapters in MLA Style 8th Edition

You may encounter eBooks in Ebook Central, JSTOR, ACLS Humanities eBook and more.  The Purdue Owl does not have an example of how to cite an eBook or chapter from an eBook.  Here is how the library recommends that you do it based upon the MLA Handbook.


Entire eBook

Author last name, Author first name. Book Title. Publisher, Publication/Copyright Date. Name of eBook Database, URL or doi for eBook.


Downes, Paul.  Democracy, Revolution and Monarchism in Early American Literature. Cambridge University Press, 2002. Ebook Central,


Chapter from an eBook*

Chapter Author Last Name, Chapter Author First Name. "Title of Chapter." Title of eBook, edited by Editor First Name(s) Editor Last Name(s), Publisher, Publication/Copyright Date, Chapter pages. Database Name, URL or doi for eBook.


Sauter, Michael.  "The Prussian Monarchy and the Practices of Enlightenment." Monarchisms in the Age of Enlightenment: Liberty, Patriotism, and the Common Good, edited by Hans Blom, John Christian Laursen, and Luisa Simonutti, University of Toronto Press, 2007, 217-239. Ebook Central,


*If the book does not have editors and is written by one person, you can cite the entire book.

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