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How to Access & Screen DVDs: Home


The library has a number of films and documentaries that are only available on DVD.  Some may be kept on reserve at the Library Circulation Desk while others are available on the library second floor next to the graphic novels.

This page walks you through how to get the DVDs and watch them.  There are several steps to this process:

  1. Retrieve the DVD
  2. Select a DVD Player
  3. Book a collaborative room (optional, but necessary if you want to watch it as a group)

Step 1. Retrieve the DVD

  1. Figure out where the DVD is located in the library by searching for the title in the Fox Hunt video search.
  2. Under location in the record for the video, you will see where it is located as well as the call number.  Note the call number as well as where it is located.

DVD record with DVD title at top highlighted and call number highlighted under Find or Request section

  1. Go to the DVD's location.  See the map below on where to locate them on the 2nd floor, the same floor as the coffee shop. DVDs will be kept at the Circulation Desk, on the left as you enter the library or in the shelves along the main hallway, past the graphic novels and new books sections.

Map of the library 2nd floor with DVD section and Circulation Desk circled

  1. If in the DVD section, use the call number to find the DVD on the shelf.  The Library's how to find a book video explains how call numbers work.
  1. If the DVD is on reserve, go to the Circulation Desk and let them know you need a DVD on reserve.
    1. It is helpful to have the DVD name and call number. 
    2. These can be retrieved from the Fox Hunt record for the film
  2. They will then check the DVD out to you.  If it is on reserve, it will be available for 3 hours to use within the library.
  3. Don't leave the desk just yet, you may need some assistance with watching the DVD.

Step 2. Select a DVD Player

Because most laptops do not have a DVD players, the library has two options for viewing DVDs.

Option 1: TV and DVD player on the 2nd floor near the windows. 

  • You will also need to check out the remotes for them at the Circulation Desk.
  • You will need to use headphones to watch films on these, a headphone jack is located on the left side behind the screen.
  • Refer to the guide below for help using these:

Option 2: Check out a DVD player from the library Circulation Desk.

  • These connect via USB cable to your laptop or a library computer.
  • We don't have a USB-C option, sorry.

For viewing by yourself:

  • Take the DVD player and your laptop to the location of your choice within the library, please wear headphones.
  • Take the DVD player and connect it to the library computer of your choice, please wear headphones.

For viewing in groups:

  • You should book a library collaborative room, see the box below for guidance.
  • Please do not sit gathered around a computer in an open space in the library.

Step 3: Book a Collaborative Room (only for group viewings)

The link below provides instructions on how to do this: 

Get Help

Get Help

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