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How to Find an ISSN: Home

What is an ISSN?

An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.  They may contain numbers and letters.

An ISSN is formatted like this: 1234-5678

The inclusion of an ISSN speeds up an ILL request for an article.  It is now a required field for ILL requests.

Check the Article Page

When you click on the link to the article or to Find Full Text in Fox Hunt or a database, a page will open with information about the article, including the ISSN.  You'll usually find it under the article title.

Diagram showing where to find the ISSN on the page that opens when you click to find full text of an article

Check in Fox Hunt

In the Fox Hunt search results, click on the item's title. The ISSN will appear towards the end of the information offered on this page under details.

Diagram depicting preview screen in Fox Hunt for a journal article.  ISSN is highlighted

Check in the Database

Databases offer additional information about journals, newspapers and magazines.  Click on the journal, newspaper or magazine name and check the journal information for the ISSN.  It is not always as straightforward as the example below, but look for areas labeled "Journal Information" or "About the Journal" which are common places to find the ISSN. 

Diagram showing the journal title to click on for more information

Diagram showing where to find ISSN in EbscoHost databases

Use Google

Search Google for the ISSN by entering in the “Journal title” enclosed in quotes, followed by journal and  “issn number.”

Diagram of Google search results for an ISSN

Get Help

Get Help

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