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Power Presenting Guide: Workshops

There are two Power Presenting Workshops

  • Speech Organization
  • Speech Delivery

You may be assigned one or both.  View the videos and use the resource manual to complete the quizzes linked on the right of the videos.

Speech Organization Workshop

Speech Delivery Workshop

Workshop Activities

  • Read the resource manual below and view the video on the left hand side of this page to complete the quizzes below.
  • Make sure you are completing the workshop assigned by your professor.
    • The Speech Organization Workshop has 2 quizzes
      • Pineapple Plant Parts of a Speech
      • Part I Quiz Speech Organization
    • The Speech Delivery Workshop has 1 quiz
      • Part II Quiz Speech Delivery
  • The quizzes when clicked on will open in a new tab, so you will be able to consult the resource manual while completing a quiz.
  • If you refresh the quiz, you may lose any work you have completed.
  • You will receive a digital certificate upon completion that you can send to your professor.

Power Presenting Resource Manual