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ENG119: Research Scavenger Hunt: Home

Scavenger Hunt Directions

This page is intended to guide you through the process of developing your research topic and selecting sources for your Intermediate Writing for College research paper. 

A couple of guidelines for this workshop:

  • There are 4 stages to this workshop, do them in the assigned order.
    • 1. Search for an encyclopedia article related to/about your research topic, look for ways to narrow it down.
    • 2. Search for a magazine article to find a more specific angle on your topic.
    • 3. Search for a more creative source, infographic, chart, or map, video, song lyrics, or poem to help demonstrate your point (you only have to find one of these)
    • 4. Search for a scholarly article about your research topic.
  • Watch the video first, then complete the worksheet for each step.
  • Look for ways to narrow down your topic at all stages.
  • Ask for help at any stage if you need it.
  • Contact Elizabeth Clarke, your librarian, for help.  Her contact information is on the course pathfinder.

Results from each worksheet can be emailed to you and will be submitted to your professor as proof of completion.  Check with your professor for a due date for this workshop.

Video 2: Finding a Quality Magazine Article

This video discusses finding magazines or newspapers, you are finding MAGAZINES for this class, not newspapers.  Follow the directions on Worksheet II and view the second half of this video (starting at 5:00 minute mark) on how to limit to magazines in the library databases

Video 3: Finding a Creative Source

Part I: Develop Your Topic Into a Research Question



Part II. Find a Magazine Article

Part III. Find a visual, audio, or poetic source

Part IV. Find a Scholarly Journal Article