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Creative Commons: Citing Creative Commons Licensed Images

Online tools

There are other options for citation formats if you are using the image in a digital format like  a webpage or blog. Online tools such as  ImagCodr , Flickrstorm  and Openattribute generate an embed code for the image with attribution and other licensing information attached.  

The image below, including CC icons and information, were created in ImagCodr. The license icons link to license description and the creators name links to his photo stream on Flickr.


There is no standard format for citing CC-licensed images. Talk to your professor to see what he or she prefers,

What to include in your citation:

  • The creator  (Flickr members often use a user name. Go to the profile to check for a full name.)
  • Title
  • URL where the work is hosted
  • Indicate the type of licence it is available under and provide a link to the licence (so others can find out the licence terms); and
  • Keep intact any copyright notice associated with the work.


 Below is an example of an acceptable citation for a Creative Commons licensed image found in Flickr. 



"Kite Festival 2010," Niels Linneberg available at  under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Full terms at