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ConnectNY & InterLibrary Loan: How to Request an Article

Request books, DVDs, articles, dissertations, graphic novels, and children's books from other libraries!

General Rules

  • Articles arrive in 2-3 business days as PDFs. 
  • An email provides a link and password to retrieve the PDF.  These do not need to be returned.

Step 1 Select Create Request in the Main Menu

ILL Create Request

Step 2 Fill Out Form Provided

  • The page that opens defaults to the article form
  • Fill out required fields.
  • ISSN is now a required field.  See the diagrams below on how to locate an ISSN.  If you cannot locate the ISSN, type in I don't know.
  • Add Volume and Issue Number for Journal Articles, these are not required fields, but helpful to ILL staff when asking for a journal article.
  • Needed Before Date is a required field, select a date in advance of when you need it by, a week is recommended to prevent cancellation by the system. Though it typically takes 2-3 days for an article to arrive.  
  • Once the form is filled out click on the Submit Request button at the bottom of the form

ILL Article form filled in

How to Find an ISSN Number

There are several ways to find an ISSN.  

1. Look at the page that opens telling you the library doesn't have an article and you need to use Interlibrary Loan.  


ISSN Location


2. If it doesn't appear there, check in the database.  Click on the name of the journal and check the journal information for the ISSN.  It is not always as straightforward as the example below, but look for areas labeled "Journal Information" or "About the Journal" which are common places to find the ISSN.  You can also Google the name of the journal and ISSN.  When in doubt ask for help or type in "I don't know."

Journal Record