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REST335: Marriage and Family- Scialabba: Recommended Authors and Selected Readings

Authors recommended by Dr. Scialabba

Aviva Cantor
Carol P. Christ
Sheila Collins
*Stephanie Coontz
Mary Daly
Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza
Naomi R. Goldenberg
Christine Gudorf
Rita Gross
Eleanor McLaughlin
Nelle Morton
Elaine Pagels
Judith Plaskow
Rosemary Radford Reuther
Valerie Saiving
Merlin Stone
Phyllis Trible
Penelope Washbourn
Maggie Wenig

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Recommended Readings

Additional Recommended Readings

  • Digital Dilemmas: Ethical Issues for Online Media Professionals, by Robert I. Berkman and Christopher A. Shumway (Blackwell, 2003).
  • Digital Journalism: Emerging Media & the Changing Horizons of Journalism, by Kevin Kawamoto, Ed. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2003).
  • “Family Bonds and Christian Community:  New Testament Sources,” in Family:  A Christian Social Perspective, by Lisa Sowle Cahill.  Minneapolis:  Augsburg Fortress Press, 2000. pp. 18-47, 142-46.
  • "From ‘Televangelist’ to ‘Intervangelist’: The emergence of the streaming video preacher," by D. Bekkering (2011). From Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, 23(2), 101-117.
  • “Hinduism” by Vasudha Narayanan in Her Voice, Her Faith:  Women Speak on World Religions. Eds. Arvind Sharma and Katherine K. Young, Westview, 2003, pp. 11-40.
  • Journalism Online, by Mike Ward (Focal Press, 2002).
  • Living in the Information Age: A New Media Reader, by Erik P. Bucy, Ed. (Wadsworth, 2001).“Religion and Family Formation in Taiwan:  The Decline of Ancestral Authority,” from Family, Religion, and Social Change in Diverse Societies.  Eds. Sharon K. Houseknecht and Jerry G. Pankhurst, Oxford U. Press, 2000, pp 121-146.
  • "Religion and the Internet in the Israeli Orthodox Context," by H. Campbell (2011). From Israel Affairs, 17(3), 364-383.
  • “Southern Baptist,” “Catholic,” and “Presbyterian” in Faith Traditions and the Family, Eds. Phyllis D. Airhart and Margaret Lamberts Bendroth.   Louisville:  Westminster John Knox Press, 1996, pp. 8-21, 53-72, 114-125.
  • Web Journalism: Practice and Promise of a New Medium, by James Glen Stovall (Pearson/Allyn & Bacon, 2004).
  • When Religion Meets New Media By Heidi Campbell Published March 12th 2010 by Routledge – 222 pages
  • "Religion and the Internet in the Israeli Orthodox Context," by H. Campbell (2011). From Israel Affairs, 17(3), 364-383.
  • Hill-Smith, C. (2011.) "Teaching & learning guide for: Cyberpilgrimage: The (virtual) reality of online pilgrimage experience," by C. Hill-Smith (2011).  From Religion Compass. 5(6) 236–246.