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COM324: Research And Consumer Insight: Industry Research

Search for Industry Reports

Get detailed industry information. 

  • Search for "Chocolate Production in the U.S." for the full report
  • "Search for "Confectionery Wholesaling in the US" for the full report


  • Search for your company and see recommended industries

Report is searchable, but it is recommended that you click through full report using the menu on the left.

  • Pay attention to "Products and Markets" to look for comments on your particular product.
  • Pay attention to "Industry Outlook" to look ahead at what is predicted to come.


  • You may need to select a larger industry that covers much more than just your specific product. Take the information that is relevant. 
  • If your company doesn't yield search results, you can try a competitor, but be sure you are selecting the industry relevant to your product

Search for Industry Reports

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Select "Industries" from the top menu.

In the next level, select "Food and Nutrition"

In the "Explore Analysis" box:

  1. Select Industry: Snacks
  2. Select "All"
  3. Select Category: Chocolate Confectionary
  4. Choose Geography: world/ USA/ etc.
  5. Click "Go"
  6. Select Report


In the top search bar,

  1. Select the search type "Analysis".
  2. Search for "chocolate"
  3. Limit Geographies to USA





  1. Search "chocolate"
  2. Select "Chocolate in the United States"
  3. Download full report