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BUS477: Strategic Management - Rothberg F22: Corporate Governance

Investor Relations Websites

  1. Every company has an "Investor Relations' website.  The term "Investor Relations" is always used.
  2. Investor Relations site will have the following documents
    1. Annual Report or 10K
    2. Proxy Statement (described in separate box)
    3. Shareholder letters
    4. Quarterly Results
    5. Press Releases
    6. Corporate Governance Documents (Corporate Governance is generally a menu option)
      1. ‚ÄčCertificate of Incorporation
      2. Bylaws
      3. Policies and Guidelines
      4. Committee Charters and Reports
      5. Values Statements and Codes of Conduct
  3. Some Investor Relations Sites also have:
    1. FAQs 
    2. Webcasts
    3. Earnings Conference Calls
      1. Audio
      2. Transcript
    4. Stock History
    5. Other goodies

Google Search [Company Name] Investor Relations

The Proxy Statement