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Com220: Strategic Advertising - Ariyasriwatana: FoxHunt

What is FoxHunt?

FoxHunt is a unified search tool which can be used to search through many of the library’s resources all in one search box. You can think of it like our library’s google, searching through databases of books, ebooks, newspaper articles, scholarly research articles, reference materials, videos, images and more all in one search.

Why Search FoxHunt

Search FoxHunt for your company or brand name. 

  • See what is out there. You never know what you will find.
  • Use publication date and materials type limiters to find recent news

Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt LogoFox Hunt


Search the Library databases and the catalog

Suggested Searches

Suggested FoxHunt Searches:

  • "Kona Bar" - putting a phrase within in quotation marks requires the two words to be together in the results.
  • "Kona Bar" chocolate - Kona Bar brings up a large number of irrelevant results. Adding additional search terms might be important. (You may need to expand results beyond the library collection for results)
  • Hawaii chocolate - not finding information on your specific company? broaden your search.