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FASH341: Fashion Branding and Licensing: Databases

Bloomsbury Fashion Central

Ad Age

The Ad Age DataCenter contains current information about advertising spend for top brands.   It also has Advertising Age's Agency Report, an annual ranking and analysis of advertising and marketing-services agencies. The report includes rankings based on U.S. and worldwide revenue. The Agency Report appears in Ad Age's print edition and in expanded form on The online version includes Agency Family Trees, a database showing fast facts, executives, links and more content related to holdings of the world's 50 largest agency companies. Ad Age has published Agency Report every year since 1945.

Access Instructions:

 Brand Advertising Spending:  Select DataCenter from the top menu. Select “Marketers and Ad Spending” and in the dropdown menu select “U.S. Marketers and Ad Spending” and then "AdAge Leading National Advertisers". The most recent report will be available for download.

Agency Report:   Select DataCenter from the top menu. Select “Agencies” from the DataCenter menu and select "Agency Report".  

 Agency Revenue Information:  Select DataCenter from the top menu. Click on “Agencies” from the DataCenter menu and go to “Agency Family Trees”. Select the Agency Network of the Agency you are interested in.  For example you would choose WPP if you wanted information on Ogilvy.  Then find the agency and click on that.  You will get revenue, fast facts and current news on that agency.

Advertising Age

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