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How to Use MRI Simmons Insights: Brand Catalyst

What is Brand Catalyst?

Brand Catalyst is an advanced brand strategy and predictive segmentation tool. Brand Catalyst helps brand marketers and their agencies understand consumer perception towards their brands using advanced psychographics, intent, category preferences, brand and product consumption patterns. Brand Catalyst also uses advance predictive models to identify potential prospects and their characteristics. A built-in recommendation engine converts all these differentiating attributes (including over 60,000 consumer data points) to create unique consumer personas for a brand.

Brand Catalyst Overview

Brand Catalyst is a predictive consumer segmentation and brand strategy tool that helps define brand identity, differentiate against competitors, create unique personas, and drive effective media, creative, and partnership strategies. Brand Catalyst includes 2 key modules:

• Explorer: Pre-formatted insights that highlight unique opportunities for customer retention, prospect acquisition, and category growth.

• Reporter: A deep dive across over thousands of consumer attributes to quickly assess how personas are differentiated from each other.