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BUS100: Introduction to Business & Management: Industry Overviews


NAICS, which stands for "North American Industry Classification System" is used to classify statistical and financial information in the US, Canada and Mexico.  These 6 digits codes allow for fairly specific industry categorization and are used by a number of databases.  

Search the 2017 NAICS by keyword to find the six digit NAICS code for your project.

S&P Net Advantage

Choose a company through their name or ticker symbol. Once you pull up the company profile look under the primary industry classification section. Here you can find industry surveys on many companies.


Search for industry research using the relevant NAICS code(s) or a keyword description.

Includes industry overview, performance and outlook; competitive landscape; operating conditions; key economic drivers; and key statistics.

Business Insights


Conduct an "Industry Search" using the relevant NAICS code(s) or a keyword description.

Includes industry snapshots with links to relevant trade associations, news articles, and trade journals.

Here you can also find Plunkett Industry Reports.

First Research Industry Profiles

Search for quarterly industry reports using the relevant NAICS code(s) or keyword description.

Includes industry overview, business challenges, trends and opportunities, executive insights and some industry financials.